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02 Dec 16

laser viso

The aging process can be very frustrating for a lot of us. So, if you feel like you are losing control of your body, you aren't alone. Wrinkles, age spots, and skin sags can happen to the best of us, even when we care for our skin properly. The good news is that you don't have to put up with them. You can use things like laser devices to achieve anti-aging success.

How Skin Health Changes Over Time

In order to understand how lasers could help you, you need to first understand how the health of your skin has changed and will continue to change over time. Outside influences play a major role in that. After all, your skin is exposed to things like sun, severe weather, and chemicals daily.

Another reason why you might have to employ the use of a medical laser machine to treat your skin eventually is that things going on inside your body can change your skin health. That includes a poor diet, smoking, or drinking too much, but it can also include natural reductions in protein and hormone production.

Laser Devices and the Stimulation of Collagen Production

Collagen is a natural substance that your body makes to help keep skin cells healthy and tight together. As early as your late 20s, your collagen levels can start to drop. But certain laser treatments can actually trick your body into making more collagen, along with other proteins and hormones that can restore your skin's health.

Laser treatments designed to stimulate production of those substances tend to focus on lower skin layers. They are known as non-ablative laser procedures, and they are relatively non-invasive. Since they don't have a major impact on the outer layer of skin, they won't leave you susceptible to things like skin infections during your healing process. However, they also won't show results right away. It can actually take weeks, and sometimes multiple non-ablative treatments, to see improvement in your skin health.

Laser Devices That Focus on Treating Skin in Different Ways

Ablative laser devices, as you might suspect, treat the surface of the skin as well. They can be great for removing visible skin imperfections. The advantage is that, once the post-procedural swelling and redness goes down, you can see immediate differences in the appearance of your skin. Some ablative skin treatments can also stimulate collagen production, leading to improvements after you leave the clinic.

The disadvantage of ablative laser treatments is that they have potential side effects and risks, including skin infections. It also takes longer to heal after an ablative treatment. You will have to be very careful to stay out of the sun and follow your clinician's instructions for treating your skin at home during your recovery process.

Choosing a Clinic to Perform Your Laser Procedure

No matter which type of laser procedure you want to have, you should choose your clinic wisely. Be sure to ask a lot of questions. Also, check credentials and references carefully. Remember that skincare procedures are still medical treatments, and you should take them just as seriously as you would take other medical procedures. If you choose a reputable clinic, you will give yourself the best chance of healthier looking skin with short recovery time and few or no side effects.


01 Dec 16


MUSTER & DIKSON è un'azienda dinamica da più di 40 anni al costante servizio dell'Acconciatore e dell'Estetista, che studia, produce ed agisce per offrire un servizio sempre migliore ed una gamma di prodotti di qualità superiore.

Forte di una moderna struttura produttiva, sviluppata in 6 stabilimenti per un'area coperta di 60.000 mq. (s.c.), la MÜSTER & DIKSON può garantire la serietà e la prontezza di un'organizzazione articolata, attiva e caratterizzata da una gestione capillare del lavoro.

L'azienda, che è nata e risiede in Italia dove raccoglie ampi consensi dalla clientela, opera anche internazionalmente, esportando in 70 Paesi nel mondo. Queste prerogative, unite a una dinamica organizzazione commerciale ed alla capillare distribuzione, rendono la MÜSTER & DIKSON un vero e proprio punto di riferimento per il settore.

guarda lo SPOT

01 Dec 16


DIRTY FACE is a collection that alludes to violence and aggressiveness, in which we mix classic styles with very aggressive attitudes.

Violence is a permanent characteristic of the human being. Even though they transmit an image of a technological and civilized society, if you scratch a little below this varnish layer you will see the beast that we carry inside.

We can see this reflected in the way we drive, in a soccer match, in a manifestation, etc. You don’t need to witness a war to realize the violence that surrounds us and even defines us as human beings. They therefore want to transmit this sensation of violence in everyday characters that are in a nearby environment.

Credits: Hairdresser: Jordi Pérez – La Barberia de Gràcia, Photographer: Sergi Jasanada, Makeup: Mónica Martínez, Costumes: Fermín & Gilles

watch the video (it contains strong images)

01 Dec 16

“Versatile es una colección de recogidos sociales y para novias con un carácter totalmente comercial. He querido crear recogidos desde una misma textura que puedan evolucionar desde un estilismo más depurado y estructurado hacia otro con efectos más naturales y casuales, en una palabra buscando versatilidad .Una versatilidad que muchas novias buscan tener el día de su boda”.

HAIR: Mayte Garrote @ Different Estilistas – España
Collection: Versatile
Ph: David Arnal
Make-Up: Alex Alva
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa


01 Dec 16

Inspiration for the collection “Eclectic Thread” by Stipe Filipovic was found in a thread. The thread is usually a very fragile, gentle, delicate and self-defining. In this collection a new dimension, power, strength and obtrusiveness was given to the thread. The sensuality of hairstyles is pointed out with very unusual textures. These very textures are what make the impression of fragility of the hairstyles and not just part of a strictly stylish behavior under no circumstances.

HAIR: Stipe Filipovic – BA
Collection: Eclectic Thread
Styling: Gordana Zucic
Model: Marija Kolak


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