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22 Feb 17

app parrucchieri
Sono già una realtà consolidata in America e nei Paesi Anglosassoni: sono le APP che permettono ai clienti di contattare i parrucchieri da casa, prenotandone la visita al proprio domicilio.

Il "parrucchiere a domicilio" non è del tutto una novità, ma non tutti gli hairstylists lo fanno e soprattutto non lo fanno in maniera sistematica e organizzata.

UBER-COFFEUR è l'applicazione per smartphone che permette di prenotare e avere a casa servizi come il taglio o la messa in piega, barba e capelli, servizi estetici come depilazione o massaggi eccetera.

L'attività è conveniente sia per i clienti, che possono usufruire di servizi qualificati, comodi e a prezzi convenienti, sia per i professionisti che possono farne un reddito extra.

22 Feb 17

Shikku is a collection that radiates Parisian chic and elegance, underpinned by a strong scaffold of precise tailoring that has been purposefully displaced. The colliding of these two pronounced aesthetics results in a collection that is sublimely sophisticated and displays moments of real hair fashion evolution. Oscillating beautifully between wildly Avant Garde silhouettes and cool editorial finishes, Shikku is a definitive hair fashion presentation in both spirit and in style.

HAIR: Maria Unali – AU
Collection: Shikku
Ph: Andrew O’Toole
Make-up: Kylie O’Toole
Styling: Emma Cotterill


22 Feb 17

parrucchieri lazio

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22 Feb 17

‘Silk’ is a timeless and feminine commercial collection. A soft subtle palette of grey, musky pinks, and lavender sets the stage for the feeling of timeless romance whilst the polished classic styles have a fresh twist creating a more contemporary vibe. With stunning styling and classic makeup looks providing dramatic statements to complement the creativity of Lorna’s long hair styling, this collection is all about embodying confidence and grace.

HAIR: Lorna Evans – AU
Collection: Silk
Ph: Carlos Fernandes
Make-up: Fitz Adi & Claire Luu
Styling: Belinda Brenton
Designer: Paige Harding
Hair Stylists: Tenille Flintoff, Lisa Miller, Emma Pender, Tara Johnson, Sylvia Knox, Kerina Marlow, Alana Nelson, Beverley Robertson


21 Feb 17

This collection is all about contrast. Contrast of textures and contrast of emotions. I wanted to convey a “turmoil of emotion”. One of the key visuals in the collection is a mixture of shapes and textures originating from the triangle shape. Triangles can be stable when sitting on their base or unstable when not. Their stable/unstable dynamic suggests conflict. Conflict that can be seen in confused and threatened feelings. In the collection, confused emotions are conveyed by triangles made of hair sewn together at lots of different angles. The sharp shapes – suggest frenetic energy, violence and anger.

HAIR: Sam James-Cockayne – AU
Collection: Perfectly Broken
Ph: Haley Renee
Make-up: Mandy Nash
Colorist and Stylist: Sam James-Cockayne


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